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  • tiger fight song

    "Once a Tiger. Always a Tiger"

    Fight Song

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    School Songs


    We're loyal to you A-D-M (Adel High, Adel-DeSoto High),
    We'll ever by true A-D-M (Adel High, Adel-Desoto High),
    We'll back you to stand,
    You're the best in the land,
    For we know you will stand,
    A-D-M (Adel High, Adel-DeSoto High) RAH, RAH!!!!

    And when in the fight A-D-M (Adel High, Adel-DeSoto High),
    We'll stand for the right A-D-M (Adel High, Adel-DeSoto High),
    Our team is our best protection,
    Onward for we expect a,
    Victory from you A-D-M (Adel High, Adel-DeSoto High), RAH, RAH!!!!

    (Older version also included TaHe, TaHa, TaHaHaHa, Adel High, Adel High, Rah, Rah, Rah!!!!)


    DeSoto - Sung to the tune of the Notre Dame fight song

    We never falter, we never fail;
    Onward to victory we always sail.
    And our aim will be the sky,
    In honor of DeSoto High. 

    We stand for glory; we stand for fame;
    We'll show the world our school's honored name.
    For this goal we'll always try,
    In praise of DeSoto High. 

    (15 Rahs for DeSoto!)



    We're currently working on finding the song.
    If you know it, please email it to us and we'll include it.



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